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Spy Cams Pro » GPS Tracking http://spycamspro.com Spy Cameras | Nanny Cameras| Spy Gear | Security Systems Tue, 21 Aug 2012 18:04:36 +0000 en-US hourly 1 Barda Live GPS Tracker http://spycamspro.com/gps-tracking/barda-live-gps-tracker http://spycamspro.com/gps-tracking/barda-live-gps-tracker#comments Wed, 13 Jun 2012 13:03:50 +0000 http://spycamspro.com/?p=2775 The Barda GPS Tracking Device with OBD-II interface is the easiest GPS tracking solution to deploy.  Simply plug the unit into the car’s OBD port and you’re ready to track.  The OBD port provides uninterrupted power to your tracking device so you’ll never have to worry about losing sight of your vehicle due to a dead battery.

Easily moved from one vehicle to another in just seconds.  All vehicles manufactured for sale in the United States after 1996 come equipped with an OBD port.  This port is typically found beneath the dashboard to the left hand side of the steering wheel column.

Ensure drivers drive safely and don’t leave designated areas.  This tracker is equipped with geofencing technology that alerts you if the vehicle leaves a designated area.  Log in to the web-based mapping software with your unique login ID and password to monitor–

    • where your vehicles are right now
    • where they’ve been and how long they’ve been there
    • what speed they’ve been driving
Plan USA Canada
1 month $69 $79
3 months $59 $69
6 months $49 $59
12 months $39 $49

*Please note:

  • There is a $50 activation fee charged when you activate your device for the first time
  • All plans automatically renew at the end of each term
http://spycamspro.com/gps-tracking/barda-live-gps-tracker/feed 0
Hidden Camera Hook DVR http://spycamspro.com/gps-tracking/hidden-camera-hook-dvr http://spycamspro.com/gps-tracking/hidden-camera-hook-dvr#comments Wed, 30 Nov 2011 01:24:37 +0000 http://spycamspro.com/2/?p=1764 This Hidden Camera Hook DVR disguises a high quality DVR in a simple black two pronged hook. A common household organization tool, it can be hung prominently on a wall in any room to help keep track of keys, lanyards or light outerwear.  The hook is easily mounted to the wall by a piece of double sided adhesive that should be safe for most walls.

Simple to operate.  A simple on off switch is hidden on the backside of the hook.  Flip this switch to on and when fully charged the camera is ready for motion activated footage for up to blank hours.

High resolution color video. It is hard to imagine that camera fits in this every day black hook that takes 1280 x 960 resolution video at 30 frames per second.  The hook doesn’t even weigh noticeably more than one without a hidden DVR.  The HCHook supports MicroSD cards up to 16GB.

Recording time. Record up to two hours continuous footage.  Battery lasts up to  6½ hours.


    • Color video and audio
    • Motion activation
    • Built in Li-Ion battery
    • Time/date stamp
http://spycamspro.com/gps-tracking/hidden-camera-hook-dvr/feed 0
Tundra Tracker Live GPS Tracker http://spycamspro.com/gps-tracking/tundra-tracker-live-gps-tracker http://spycamspro.com/gps-tracking/tundra-tracker-live-gps-tracker#comments Thu, 17 Nov 2011 14:08:03 +0000 http://spycamspro.com/2/?p=1192 The Tundra Tracker is a versatile GPS Tracker. This ultra small tracker can be used to track your packages, pets, children, vehicles, or anything that moves. With its quad band antennas and GPRS support for true satellite tracking coupled with Geo-fencing support, you can track every move your target makes. This totally self-contained unit is wireless and battery powered. The Tundra Tracker can operate for five (5) continuous days, tracking on a single battery charge. Track the unit in real time from any computer anywhere in the world. It also features Geo-fencing, and speed alerts, which let you know if your package, pet, child,or vehicle enters or leaves a pre-set area. Look at the advanced features, which include:

Tundra Tracker Features

  • Automatic Geo-fence
  • GPRS
  • Quad band
  • Small, compact size
  • Motion text or email alerts
  • Online tracking location available on demand from any computer
  • Logs location data every five (5) minutes
  • Fully charged can track up to five (5) days
  • Rechargeable battery
  • Secure online reporting with easy to use interface
http://spycamspro.com/gps-tracking/tundra-tracker-live-gps-tracker/feed 0
Radulf GPS Tracker http://spycamspro.com/gps-tracking/radulf-gps-tracker http://spycamspro.com/gps-tracking/radulf-gps-tracker#comments Thu, 17 Nov 2011 13:53:02 +0000 http://spycamspro.com/2/?p=1186 The Radulf Tracker is a compact, durable and highly sensitive GPS tracking system which provides fast and reliable GPS tracking in the most extreme weather conditions.  Only 66 millimeters long, the lightweight and waterproof A-GPS locator features real-time tracking capabilities through the Internet.  WorldTracker Endurois GPRS/GSM compatible and comes equipped with alarms for emergency status, geo-fencing and remote control.

WorldTracker Enduro is Smaller than a credit card, measuring 2.59 inches by 1.41 inches, is .78 inches thick, and weighs in at only 2.68 ounces and can track as quickly as every 10 seconds.

http://spycamspro.com/gps-tracking/radulf-gps-tracker/feed 1
Manitoba Live GPS Tracker http://spycamspro.com/gps-tracking/manitoba-live-gps-tracker http://spycamspro.com/gps-tracking/manitoba-live-gps-tracker#comments Thu, 17 Nov 2011 13:49:19 +0000 http://spycamspro.com/2/?p=1183 The Manitoba Live GPS Tracker is the world’s smallest real time tracker! This versatile device is packed with massive next generation features for tracking anything that moves, such as your packages, pets, children, or vehicles. Track in real time from any computer, anywhere in the world. If you don’t need real time tracking, it also functions as a GPS data logger. Upgradable.

Only unit that logs GPS data when no cell tower is in range.  When out of range of a cell tower, the GPS data logger can store up to 90,000 locations every five seconds in memory.  When it is back in range of a cell tower, it will transmit the logged data.

True satellite tracking and geofencing support. Its quad band GSM antennas, SMS, and GPRS support means you can track the target worldwide and see where it goes, how long it stays in an area, and where it has been over time. Tracks down to 15 second intervals.  Geofencing allows you to set a designated area the target should remain inside, and will alert you if it travels outside. Supports scheduled location reports

Wireless and battery powered. Manitoba averages one week of battery life when fully charged, and you can obtain the 90 day long-life battery package. It is motion activated, Can stand by for up to three years in deep sleep mode

Panic button.  In an urgent situation, the panic button function allows calls to up to three preset telephone numbers.

Upgradable.  Optional extended life 90-day battery pack in a magnetic mount box.


    • Real time tracking
    • Can stand by for up to three (3) years in deep sleep mode
    • Tracks down to 15 second intervals
    • Data logger: When you don’t need tracking in real time, use the GPS data logger
    • Supports scheduled location reports
    • Stores data where cell towers are not available, and then sends the data to the cell tower when it becomes available
    • Set the unit to alert you upon any detected motion
    • SMS and GPRS enabled
    • Panic button function allows phone calls to three (3) preset telephone numbers
    • Data logger function records a location every five (5) seconds or every 50 meters up to 90,000 locations
    • Quad band GSM 850/900/1800/1900 enables world wide deployment
    • Power supply: Li-lon
    • Upgradeable
    • One (1) Digital input, one (1) Analog input
    • Horizontal position accuracy: SBAS < 2.0m
    • Velocity accuracy: 0.1m/s
    • Heading accuracy: .5 degrees
    • Optional extended life 90 day battery pack in magnetic mount box
http://spycamspro.com/gps-tracking/manitoba-live-gps-tracker/feed 0
Manitoba Case & Batt http://spycamspro.com/gps-tracking/manitoba-case-batt http://spycamspro.com/gps-tracking/manitoba-case-batt#comments Thu, 17 Nov 2011 13:38:18 +0000 http://spycamspro.com/2/?p=1180 Case and extended battery for the Manitoba Tracker (Tracker not included)

http://spycamspro.com/gps-tracking/manitoba-case-batt/feed 0
Lycan Live Tracker http://spycamspro.com/gps-tracking/lycan-live-tracker http://spycamspro.com/gps-tracking/lycan-live-tracker#comments Thu, 17 Nov 2011 13:34:53 +0000 http://spycamspro.com/2/?p=1177 A completely self-contained end-user device, the TrimTrac locator is the size of a white board eraser and weighs 7.2 ounces without batteries. It is encased in a durable, lightweight, water-resistant housing.

Vehicle Integration 

The TrimTrac locator can be connected to on-board vehicle systems and devices to add value to existing services, and new applications can be rapidly developed to expand the types of services available to subscribers.

Less Cost, More Discrete

The TrimTrac locator can be instantly placed inside a vehicle’s passenger glove compartment or similar discrete location. As a selfcontained, battery-powered unit that has no external connections or antennas, it eliminates the need for time-consuming and expensive installations associated with many other tracking devices. The enhanced GPS sensitivity of the TrimTrac locator permits device placement in areas where conventional GPS may not work. It can be easily concealed inside a vehicle to prevent tampering or unauthorized removal, yet still be removed quickly because it has no external attachments.

Broad and Reliable Coverage

The TrimTrac locator is founded upon established technologies: GPS, which is truly global in nature, and GSM/SMS, which is the foremost wireless communications technology with the largest geographical coverage and the greatest number of subscribers.

The TrimTrac locator offers not only world-class GPS performance, but employs an enhanced GPS sensitivity mode that allows limited operation in places where traditional GPS receivers may not work. It also supports the three major GSM frequency bands, specifi cally 900/1800 MHz (DCS) worldwide and 1900 MHz (PCS) in the United States, where GSM coverage is comparable to other leading digital wireless standards.

Cost-effective and Secure Transmissions

Position reports and commands are sent as SMS (short message service) text messages over the GSM network, thereby providing secure and low-cost data transmission, while optimizing the battery life of the TrimTrac device.

Power Options Deliver Extended Performance

The TrimTrac locator can operate for up to 90 days on a set of four AA batteries during normal use with good GPS visibility. Easy to access batteries provide simple and low-cost maintenance and operation. For applications requiring more frequent position reports or other communications than can be adequately supported with batteries, the device can be connected to external power by using the optional
Vehicle Adapter Module. 

Vehicle Adapter Module Expands Capabilities

The Vehicle Adapter Module is a plug-in module that replaces the standard battery pack to enable the TrimTrac locator to operate off vehicle power, more suitable for permanent installations. It includes a standby, rechargeable battery for continued position reporting even if vehicle power is disconnected. In the event of a vehicle theft, where disconnecting the vehicle’s main battery often silences car alarms, the device provides an extra measure of protection by quickly sending a status message and continuing to report position. The Vehicle Adapter Module also allows the TrimTrac locator to monitor up to three types of switch inputs, greatly expanding the number of applications that service providers can offer. For example, it can monitor other on-board systems and devices, such as car alarms and driver-operated switches, to report status and modify its operation. The additional security measures may include, for instance, automatic notification and frequent position reporting in the event that a car alarm is armed or triggered, vehicle.

Click HERE for a live demo of the system.


3 Months:  $209.90

6 Months:  $359.90

12 Months:  $659.90

Activation fee – $69.99

Or use your own SIM card and pay only a one time yearly fee of $149.90

http://spycamspro.com/gps-tracking/lycan-live-tracker/feed 0
Iberian Live GPS Tracker http://spycamspro.com/gps-tracking/iberian-live-gps-tracker http://spycamspro.com/gps-tracking/iberian-live-gps-tracker#comments Thu, 17 Nov 2011 13:16:22 +0000 http://spycamspro.com/2/?p=1169 The Iberian Live GPS Tracker is the most complete and affordable covert personal GPS tracking device available today. It combines accurate GPS monitoring and reporting with quad-mode capabilities resulting in a product ideal for asset management, personal safety, vehicle tracking, security and recovery services, or covert GPS tracking.

Worldwide tracking, reporting and monitoring for up to 2 weeks. Capable of updates every 5 seconds!  The Iberian’s quad-mode allows the device to operate from any location in the world. The Iberian tracker is equipped with GPS assist and works inside buildings and parking garages.

One-way emergency listening and two-way voice options.   In an urgent situation, the remote operator can be prompted to listen in.

http://spycamspro.com/gps-tracking/iberian-live-gps-tracker/feed 10
Fenris Live Tracking Unit http://spycamspro.com/gps-tracking/fenris-live-tracking-unit http://spycamspro.com/gps-tracking/fenris-live-tracking-unit#comments Thu, 17 Nov 2011 13:04:20 +0000 http://spycamspro.com/2/?p=1160 The Fenris WorldTracker Enduro Pro is a masterful balance of size, weight, battery life, and GPS performance.  Despite being smaller than a credit card and weighing in around a mere 2 ounces, the Enduro Pro is a reliable tracker able to withstand extreme weather conditions.  It can last up to 30 days on a single charge, functions well even in areas of low mobile coverage, and interfaces conveniently with browsers, smart phones, and cellphones.

Plan USA Canada
1 month $69/mo $79/mo
3 months $59/mo $69/mo
6 months $49/mo $59/mo
12 months $39/mo $49/mo

*Please note:
There is a $50 activation fee charged when you activate your device for the first time.
All plans automatically renew at the end of each term.


    • Location reports available via web browser, smartphone, or cell phone
    • Up to 30 days on a single charge
    • Longest battery life for comparably-sized trackers
    • 3D motion sensor
    • Equipped with highly-reliable uBlox 6 GPS chipset
    • 50 channel all-in-view tracking
    • IPX-5 water resistance
    • Geo-fencing alert
    • Emergency alert
    • Speed alert
    • SOS alert
    • Mini-USB for convenient PC connect/charging
    • MMCX RF Connector for External GPS Antenna
    • Remote Adjustments of Tracking Intervals


http://spycamspro.com/gps-tracking/fenris-live-tracking-unit/feed 0
Conan No Fee GPS Tracker http://spycamspro.com/gps-tracking/conan-no-fee-gps-tracker http://spycamspro.com/gps-tracking/conan-no-fee-gps-tracker#comments Thu, 17 Nov 2011 12:35:34 +0000 http://spycamspro.com/2/?p=1157 Our latest GPS unit is the perfect device for people who want simple live tracking without all the fees. The conan GPS unit can be fully controlled via your cell phone making it easy to use and yet is one of our most flexible units, leaving you with a variety of ways to set up the device:

SMS Trigger Mode: While in this mode the Conan will only take position reports when you send it an SMS asking for an update. For maximum battery life and updates only when you need them, this default mode is ideal.

Motion Trigger Mode: Have a troublesome teenager that you cant trust to stay at home while your at work? Waiting for a suspect to make their move? The motion triggered mode could be just what your looking for. The Conan GPS will automatically activate upon motion and send you location information via SMS. The unit will then continue to give you automatic updates every 5 minutes until it is no longer in motion.

Geofence Alarm Mode: Need to make sure you kids aren’t wandering to the so called wrong side of the tracks? Geofence mode will allow you to set a “safe zone” around the GPS unit. Every 5 minutes from that point on the unit will do a check to see if it has crossed that boundry, if it has the Conan will automatically alert you via SMS.

Speeding Alarm Mode: Just about every parent fears it – your child has just gotten their first car and you dread them speeding and racing and getting into an accident. Employers fear citations for their employees speeding in company trucks, all these can be easily handled by the Conan.  Simply send a basic SMS text to the unit with the desired speed limit and the Conan will do automatic polls to check its speed. If the unit crosses the limit you set it will provide you with an alert and full information.

“Live tracking” Mode: As close as you can get to expensive web based live tracking solutions without the cost! Send a simply text message to the Conan telling it how often and how mant times to update you (Up to 255 times per setting) and it will keep you posted with automatic updates.

The Conan GPS can provide you with information in one of two ways. The most basic information will send you a text message with a link which provides you with a map and a pinpoint on it showing you where the unit currently is. For those who need more information however you can receive a pure text message that provides you with the following: Latitude & Longitude (manually plotable via the website), speed, direction, time, and current battery level of the unit.

The Conan also features an SOS button, a quick press automatically dials up to 3 pre-set phones sending all of the previously listed info under the heading “HELP!”, perfect for keeping an eye on your loved ones. The unit even has two preset phone number buttons that can be pressed to automatically call out to one of two phone numbers for less dire situations.


  • No fees – can work with basic pay as you go SIM Cards
  • Easy to use
  • Can be run entirely via cell phone
  • SOS Panic button
  • Multiple modes provide ultimate flexibility
  • Long battery life
http://spycamspro.com/gps-tracking/conan-no-fee-gps-tracker/feed 1