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Toyota Keychain DVR Spy Camera

We all know there are lots of sick people today. Sick in the sense that their thoughts, actions and plans are to harm or steal away your belongings. There are however smart surveillance ways you can effectively use wireless spy cameras and mini video spy cameras.

Do you want to record a conversation or a meeting without drawing attention to yourself? You might need a spy keychain DVR this time. It’s so small that no one will ever suspecting that it’s a camera and they being secretly recorded. It comes with no wires that makes a lot easier to hide them because you have no wires to keep hidden as well.

Since DVR cameras digitize video footage as video recorded, you can copy and share video files as you would any computer file. There’s no need for any other hardware to encode video into a digital form.

This Toyota Keychain DVR captures high resolution snapshots as well as crystal clear audio and video footage. This new innovative design is just the thing for instant and easy covert color video anywhere you go. The high resolution camera and DVR are built right into the key chain. Looks just like a Toyota style keychain! With top notch audio and motion activation modes combined with high quality video, this is the best of its kind on the market today.

Best of all, with support for up to 16GB Micro SD Cards you’ll have no fear of running out of storage space capturing business meetings, lectures and personal meetings. Everyone has a keychain car remote these days, so no one would give a second thought to a car remote. The Toyota Keychain DVR will fool anyone, so they will never guess it is really a hidden camera.

With this completely portable surveillance device, you’ll never have to worry about missing an important event again.


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