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Picture Frame Hidden Camera

Threats come in all manner or forms. If you’re trying to protect your family and your property, you may be considering of using covert cameras. Other uses include monitoring of employees, roommates, housekeepers or even caregivers.

Nobody thinks a camera could be hidden inside some items that serve as their disguise. It could be either inside a mobile phone, car keys, a pen or clock..Well, mostly anywhere!

When you use hidden cameras you may want to choose one that is wireless. The Picture Frame Hidden Camera is just one of many wireless covert cameras available and the perfect solution for your home or office.

This one looks like a normal picture frame in your home or office, but also features 1280×720 high-resolution video recording.

Supporting up to a 5×7 photo, no one will suspect your picture frame is actually taking pictures of them. It comes with a long life, 4.5 hours battery and support for up to 32GB micro SD cards ensure you won’t miss a moment.

When you are ready to review the recorded video, you can simply remove the SD card and insert it into the card reader slot in your PC or you can use an SD card reader.

Just place this Picture Frame Hidden Camera on the desk that serve as decoration and you can record everything happened in a secret condition!


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